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Juvenile arrested in Miami after LIV performance

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Things have definitely changed where Cash Money Records is concerned, as the label has gone from primarily being a New Orleans movement to being an international force. Juvenile was the cornerstone of the label during their early years. When Cash Money Records landed their initial deal with Universal, Juvenile was the flagship artist.

Early in the 2000s, Juvenile, along with B.G. and Turk, would leave the label, stating Birdman owed them unpaid royalties. Leaving the label, Juvenile remained successful, but soon found his popularity waning. However, during the summer of 2004, Juvenile’s career reached new heights, meanwhile Cash Money Records only had Lil Wayne to depend on.

Lil Wayne would soon go on to become the biggest rapper in the game, as Juvenile and many other former Cash Money artists were forgotten. Both Lil Wayne’s popularity and the formation of his Young Money label led to many established artists signing with Cash Money. Juvenile would also end his feud with the label, working with Lil Wayne again.

During a recent trip to Miami, Juvenile was arrested after performing with Lil Wayne at Club LIV. Juvenile was arrested for disorderly conduct at the hotel, getting into a fight. TMZ obtained a photo of the mugshot.

See Juvenile’s mugshot below:

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