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Hottie of the Week: Chantel Cherry

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In Orlando, the name Chantel Cherry will receive much feedback. Though she is a relative newcomer to the overall Orlando modeling scene, Chantel Cherry is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Chantel Cherry has appeared in music videos for several Orlando artists and is known for her vibrant personality. Last year, she received an award for ‘Model of the Year.’

Blessed with a beautiful exterior, as well as being beautiful on the inside, Chantel Cherry has chosen to use modeling as her way to find success. In the Orlando area, Chantel Cherry has found success, as many know her for her modeling. Two years ago, Chantel Cherry made the decision to begin her modeling career and with this decision came her move to Orlando.

Chantel Cherry is building an incredible buzz as word about her is spreading out way beyond Orlando and into other major cities. Hip Hop Vibe had the fortune of running across Chantel Cherry and she willingly agreed to be our latest Hottie of the Week. During our interview, Chantel Cherry revealed how she wound up in Orlando and how she is going about building her overall brand.

Read the entire interview below:

Where are you originally from? I’m originally from Portsmouth, Virginia.

Orlando is primarily known as a vacation city, what is it like living there? Well, Orlando is known as a vacation city as well as for its colleges. I live the opposite side of the vacation areas, primarily by Full Sail University, Valencia Community College, and the University of Central Florida, so there are a lot of young people on my side and this is where all the entertainment is as well as aspiring entertainers. There’s always something going on that allows you to network and work with people in the same or similar field.

How has being in the Central Florida area helped you in your career? It has opened doors for me, as far as actually getting my name out to artists, models, and different businesses. I was actually able to brand myself so that when you bring up the name Chantel Cherry, they automatically know “The tall model chick.”
How long has it been since you began modeling? I began modeling when I moved here in 2010. It wasn’t my intent to move here for modeling, but I am glad situations allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone and finally do it.
Outside of modeling, what other ventures are you working on? Besides modeling, I am actually a moderator on the new social networking and entertainment site, This is My Hood, which is actually doing very well. Soon I would also like to venture into acting as well.
How important do you feel it is for entertainers to also diversify? I feel like it is very important to diversify, because you are able to reach a broader audience. Those who only aim to market themselves to one specific audience are actually limiting themselves. The crazy thing is I hear people speaking all the time of ” staying in one lane,” but when you own the highway, all lanes are options and are an open market. I just refuse to limit myself when I know I have the potential to do so much and have a greater chance at success.
Have you reached many of the goals you have set for yourself? To be honest, I never expected so much to happen in less than two years like it has. I was crowned ‘Model of the Year’ in 2011, I have made my first television appearance on the “Samy Priso Show,” I’ve appeared in many music videos for the most reputable artists in Orlando. The work ethic I have has allowed me to surpass the goals that I originally set when coming onto the scene. I’ve created a buzz in multiple cities and states, now its time to step it up and stay ahead of my goals so I won’t ever fall behind.
What other careers interest you? I have always wanted my own talk show, or reality show. I see that’s a trend in entertainment right now and the way my life has unfolded, I feel like it would be a great way to show the world what it means to really START WITH NOTHING and work for a greater cause bigger than fame or fortune. I will start my own agency and pass on everything that I have experienced and learned to other young women who aspire to be something great. Plus, it’s a lot more entertaining than writing a book.
Do you value going to school and a good education? I do value going to school and value a good education. HOWEVER, after going to a four year university, I also came to the realization that school is not for everyone. Although I do believe that getting a college education can open up a lot of doors for you in a career, I feel that even the most successful people have made it without a diploma because they have the drive and have been able to educate themselves in other ways to make them better equipped to handle the real world. With the economy the way it is today, most people probably cannot afford to go to college, so I just say if you really desire to be great and actually have goals set for your life, do what you have to do that is within your means. Don’t be afraid to take risks and open yourself up to learn because the world itself will teach you a lesson. You just have to believe that much, and overall be strong and persistent at the end of the day and God will give you what it is you need.
Have you often found yourself providing insight to younger ladies, or just younger people in general? I actually have. Not a day passes that I get messages from young ladies, men, and/or parents who, in some way, want to find out how to get into the industry. I also get messages saying how I inspire others to pursue their dreams. In a lot of people’s eyes who see the work I have done, they think that I have made it. But in my eyes Im just a small fish in a big pond still trying to make a brand for myself so a lot of the answers I don’t have. One thing I tell everyone is you have to know what you are willing to put in and what your are willing to give up in order to get that end result, which most people say is fame. It’s not going to come easy.
See additional photos of Chantel Cherry below:

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