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Hotties of hip hop: Tahiry Jose

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Three years ago, Tahiry Jose became one of the most discussed names within the hip hop community. Before she rose to internet fame, Tahiry Jose was the girlfriend of Joe Budden, at the time an artist on Def Jam. Almost overnight, Tahiry became a household name and the relationship with Joe Budden was over.

After dating Joe Budden, Tahiry Jose went on to appear in several urban magazines, including the popular Complex. In addition to working with Complex, Tahiry Jose conducted an in-depth interview with During this period of time, Tahiry Jose caught the attention of 50 Cent, who placed her in the music video for “Do You Think About Me.”

While Tahiry Jose was off doing video shoots with the likes of 50 Cent, she also found love in the hip hop world, once again. With Joe Budden in her past, Tahiry soon linked with Fabolous, who had a working relationship with Joe Budden. Upon discovering the romance, Joe Budden gave them his blessing and Tahiry continued gaining popularity.

Tahiry Jose has made her rounds in urban media, launching her own music career, at one point. She has even had the opportunity to pose in Playboy. Through it all, Tahiry Jose has been one of the biggest female sex symbols in urban media in recent years. Most recently, she was added to the cast of VH1’s popular “Love & Hip Hop.”

Far from over is the story of Tahiry Jose, instead it is just beginning.

Tahiry Jose in 50 Cent’s “Do You Think About Me” music video:

See additional photos of Tahiry Jose below:

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