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Zed Zilla releases “Rent’s Due 2” with DJ Scream

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

For over a month, Zed Zilla has been promoting his Rent’s Due 2 mixtape. A member of Yo Gotti’s team, Zed Zilla has remained by his side on the “Road 2 Riches” tour, which has been very successful. During this tour, Zed Zilla has had an opportunity to introduce himself to Yo Gotti’s large fan base.

DJ Scream, of Atlanta, has become one of the biggest DJs in the game. His position was cemented when Rick Ross signed him to Maybach Music. In the time since then, the popularity of DJ Scream increased. The Atlanta DJ was the host of Rick Ross’ record-breaking Rich Forever.

Zed Zilla’s buzz has also been increasing for months. Teaming up with DJ Scream proved to be a smart move for him. Touring with Yo Gotti was a great way to build a stronger relationship with fans. With his music being posted all over the internet, anticipation for Rent’s Due 2 was high, as it was released earlier today.

Download Rent’s Due 2 by Zed Zilla below:
[Rent’s Due 2 Download]

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