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“Life is Good” sales projections have been released

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Nas returned, following a four-year hiatus, yesterday with Life is Good. The critics have loved the album, comparing it to Nas’ classics, Illmatic and Stillamtic. It turns out the delays and the forced waits from Def Jam were worth it. When Nas had the opportunity to release his album, he gave up a piece of himself.

Since releasing the album, Nas has partied with many of hip hop’s elite and has discussed the album with some of hip hop’s most-popular media figures. With the album out and the discussion ongoing, the wait for the numbers begin. Many years after what was considered his “peak,” Nas is still dominating.

There have been several artists to generate much buzz, only to falter when the album is released. Perhaps the difference between these artists and Nas is the fact they are not Mr. Nasty Nas. The projections for Life is Good are in and the album is project to top Billboard, with sales between 115 and 125,000.

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