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Meek Mill denies involvement in Chris Brown altercation via Twitter

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Rihanna ditched her “good girl” image five years ago with her properly titled third studio album, Good Girl Gone Bad. Around this time, Rihanna went public with her romance with Chris Brown. Barely a year into their public relationship, the violence they went through was displayed, nearly ruining Chris Brown’s career.

Breaking up with Chris Brown, Rihanna began dating Drake, who was close to signing with Young Money. Forced to be away from Chris Brown, Rihanna enjoyed her single life, soon breaking up with Drake. Still, Drake became incredibly popular over the next year, eventually working with Chris Brown.

Joining with Lil Wayne was a strong move for Drake. While Young Money was building, Rick Ross was plotting. Within a year, Maybach Music was just as big as Young Money and Rick Ross had taken over the rap game. Meek Mill was among the new MMG artists. Despite Rick Ross turning down the deal with Cash Money Records, Maybach Music and Young Money have still worked closely together, with Chris Brown also in the mix.

Until recently, things were going well, but rumors of Meek Mill dating Rihanna led to Chris Brown calling her a “dreamchaser.” During a recent party, there were rumors of Drake and Chris Brown getting into a scuffle. Chris Brown tweeted a picture of his face, with an obvious cut. Immediately, Meek Mill took to his Twitter to say “wasn’t me (shaggy voice).”

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