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Hottie of the Week: Coco Divine

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In many ways, Coco Divine lives up to her name. The twenty-five year old star has been making films for years now. Coco Divine is open about her sexuality, promising those interested they will be satisfied and entertained.

A very sexual woman, Coco Divine said men and women can enjoy her “perfectly round booty.” Though she possesses an “innocent” look, Coco Divine is a bad girl at the core. One thing she has realized is that content is key and she releases a new video every day.

Among the hardest-working women in adult entertainment, Coco Divine is Hip Hop Vibe’s latest Hottie of the Week. She discussed her take on sexuality, what her career is like, and what she has planned for the future.

Read the entire interview below:

What led to you jumping into adult film, as opposed to doing modeling? Well I honestly started back about 4 years ago really just being the developer of a porn site called whodafuckisdat. A porn site based out of St. Louis, mo. I built the website based on about 180 girls that wanted to be freaky but didn’t want to show their identity. I was one of those girls a point in time in my shy days. Eventually the site led to girls not being dedicated. So as the hard working wonder woman I truly am I decide hey I’m might as well start my very own website so I started building from the ground up independently.

How do you feel about diversity and human sexuality? The diversity and human sexuality both a variety of paths to explore, as human’s sexuality plays a major role in everyone’s life. Regardless of whether we are young or old, man or woman, it’s only right to express our adventurous side, learning new things too fulfill our sexual personality.

Sexually, are you more comfortable with men or women? With men, I get more pleasure from the opposite sex.

Have any of your video shoots led to real relationships, romantic or non-romantic, with your co-stars? All of the scenes I have done have been with women, which never led to relationships. I like to keep all my work strictly business.

Have you ever dealt with any “fans” getting out of control? Yes. I actually have experienced that once in New Jersey at a convention signing. I was taking pictures with a guy but he was too excited and he started picking me up, showing off. I was uncomfortable I asked him to put me down but he didn’t started acted like a jerk.

Who are some of your favorite people to work with? Well, so far I’ve shot with local girls, but I would love to work with Nyomi Banx, Jesse Jane, Kelly Divine, Skin Diamond and more.

In the future, what projects will you be featured in? As of right now, I’m planning on working on my first guy girl scene, which is a major project that my fans are waiting too me and Mr. Marcus.

See additional photos of Coco Divine below:

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