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HHV Exclusive: Blue Marley talks “Bedrock” lawsuit and A1 Freebandz affiliation

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Georgia has contributed much talent to the hip hop world, particularly Atlanta. The capital city of Georgia, Atlanta has produced many of the most-popular rappers of all-time. After suffering from a minor setback, Atlanta is once again dominating the rap game. However, there are other parts of Georgia making major moves.

In Augusta, Blue Marley has been becoming one of the most-popular independent rappers in the game. Blue Marley has worked with many big names, including T.I. and Rocko. Along the way, Marley has run into a bit of controversy. The Augusta emcee is currently battling Lil Wayne in court over the single, “Bedrock.”

Blue Marley recently spoke to Hip Hop Vibe about the “Bedrock” lawsuit and the controvery with current hip hop kingpin, Lil Wayne. In addition to speaking on his issues with Lil Wayne, Blue Marley also spoke on his current music and his affiliation with Rocko’s A1 Freebandz. Currently, A1 Freebandz is experiencing much success through Future.

Read the entire interview below:

You’re all over Twitter and Facebook talking about the “Bedrock” situation with Lil Wayne, can you talk to us about that? There are certain things I can’t say. But, I can say I am the author of “Bedrock.” I was in the studio with some unnamed parties in Atlanta and I recorded this song. The producer who was there did a lot of “under the table” work with Cash Money Records. My song ended up being sent to Lil Wayne. Now, I am suing Young Money/Cash Money/Universal. This lawsuit is real and it is one of the biggest copyright infringement lawsuits out there.

What was the inspiration behind your version of “Bedrock?” The inspiration was really me hearing the beat, the bed squeaking. I was thinking kind of vulgar, you guys know the rest. I thought of the best way to describe that, going from just talking about making the bed rock, to using sharp wordplay by referencing Fred Flintstone, calling it “Bedrock.” It’s sad, the song couldn’t get it’s shine, it was my next single. Already, I had “My Car,” with Rocko, being released and I had websites already prepared to push “Bedrock,” but the big dogs took it. These bigger people do not expect underdogs like me to go out there and do something to them for stealing our work. They felt I would not take it to court because they have deeper pockets than me. It is a blessing to have kept this suit going for two years to now be at crunchtime.

Has any progress been made in your lawsuit against Lil Wayne? We are in court. I remember being in the club, thinking to myself “oh man, they done got me.” That became “they got me, now I gotta do something.” It has been a tough go for us, I switched lawyers a couple of times. Not making accusations, but Cash Money has deep pockets. I think somebody got into somebody’s ear about representing me. The trial begins in September and a jury will be involved. As an artist, this is going to expose me on a higher level. In this business, all promotion is good promotion.

Would it be possible to see a Blue Marley/Lil Wayne collaboration following this lawsuit? (Laughs). Right now, if you ask me, I don’t see that happening. I do not approve of a lot of the things he stands for. The way he carries himself, the attire he wears, I cannot get down with that. But, I repsect him for his hustle and his position in the game, which cannot be taken from him. But, where I stand right now, that would not be likely. It all depends on the situation, but I could not do something where it makes me feel like I am selling out. If a Cash Money song leads to me selling out, I would not, but anything is possible. Business is business. The biggest punch to me has already been thrown. No one has dissed me on record, so things are still open. If Wayne had this song and hook presented to him from this guy who took my idea, I will not have beef with him, because I know the business. But, it is wrong what he did, sort of like buying stolen property. However, if he will get egotisitc and give me grief over the situation, I would not be able to link up with him.

Are your issues with Lil Wayne strictly business, or has it become personal? It’s all business at the end of the day. I am not telling my fans, or his, to take it personal. I have gotten threats from Lil Wayne fans over this, but it is what it is. I have not received anything directly from the companies. Lil Wayne has not had anything negative to say about me, himself. Myself, I cannot lie and say I have addressed the situation over songs. But, something was taken from me. However, at the end of the day, this is not personal, strictly business. If it gets personal, it just gets personal. I just hope we can all be adults over the situation, they give me the right number, and then we’ll all be cool.

Aside from your problems with Lil Wayne, your other music has become popular in its own right, can you discuss that? Yeah man. I tell a lot of people I am somebody’s favorite rapper too. I have yet to make BET and MTV, but things come in time and my decisions have not always been the best. I have continued to push and make good music. Giving the people what they want is what I do. I have a new single with LA da Boomman called “Backdoor.” Because of my situation, a lot of people have been checking on me and they are realizing I make good music, too. I have watched the feedback from others. I thank God for the music growing and I do not plan to let anyone down. I am rising from the mixtapes to do my first official album. Radio stations and magazines are behind me. My new album is called From the Hood to the Hilton and it will be produced by the Burdskool team. I am showing you where I am at and where I am going. I can guarantee my album will be hotter than any other rapper’s album this year and I mean that.

Can you discuss your new single, “Backdoor?” I have received much support from DJ Mystik, the On the Grind DJs, Burdskool, and many more. They are really pushing my new single.

How did you link up with Rocko? I had got the record, “My Car,” from DJ Dana D from Atlanta. He used to be with Block Entertainment, he produced “Hood Nigga” for Gorilla Zoe. He left Block Entertainment, but he sampled the “I’m a Do Me” record from Rocko. We chopped that up, put it on an up-tempo beat, and we put together the “My Car” single. The song was popular and I did it without Rocko. I met Rocko in South Carolina and we told him about the track and asked him to clear it. We asked what he charged for a feature to jump on it. Rocko heard the track, loved it, and then jumped on the track. Since then, we have bonded because he asks me to come out to a lot of his events. He never looked at me like an up-and-comer, he looks at me like an equal. Rocko wanted me to come out with him, they played “My Car” when he came to my city and Rocko invited to Atlanta and he told me about Future, who has become one of the biggest stars in the rap game. Up front, Rocko hooked me up with A1 Freebandz and he offered to make an investment, but I decided to do Burdskool, but I am still A1 Freebandz because of what he has done for me. A1 the label, Burdskool the team.

Do you plan to do more work with Rocko, and possibly Future? Yeah. I got a couple new records with Rocko already. I had some tracks for Future, but he has his new album out. We all still talk, everything is cool. A lot of people want to hear the Future collaboration, but things come in time. The game is all about timing, I do not rush things, I just let them have it.

Is signing with A1 Freebandz out of the question for you? A1 the label, Burdskool is the team.

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