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DJ Bobby B to release “The Shakedown” EP on June 19

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Kottonmouth Kings’ DJ Bobby B has teamed up with Suburban Noize Records for the release of his next project. The Los Angeles-based DJ has risen to popularity on the West Coast and he is focused on his future. One thing planned for the immediate future for DJ Bobby B is an official release.

DJ Bobby B will release his digital EP, The Shakedown, with Suburban Noize Records on June 19. While the project will have a small number of tracks, there will be a host of collaborations. Among those featured on the EP include Planet Asia, Phil The Agony of Strong Arm Steady, Minus One, Dogboy, and Tristate from Gold Chain Military.

Speaking on the seven song digital EP, DJ Bobby B said he is excited about the project and the talent he and Minus One brought in. With a large number of artists signed to the project, DJ Bobby B is preparing the project. Only a short amount of days stand in between the release of the project, due eleven days from now.

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