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Knycoe ft. Hash Ramone – “Overdosed”

Real Mindz Ent. artists, Kycoe and Hash Ramone team up for a new track they call “Overdosed.”

Listen to “Overdosed” by Knycoe ft. Hash Ramone below:

6 thoughts on “Knycoe ft. Hash Ramone – “Overdosed”

  1. Hey I loved that song by Knycoe! He’s really working hard to make his dream come true and I’m proud of him! That’s my boy! I also mess with that song he did called “My Shot”… Take a listen if you can on Soundcloud! Hearing this makes me wish I had kept up with my music, so I could be putting it down with him!

  2. Talk about a blast from the past. You go head. You goin’ to to be somethin’ Marvin. Lovin that beat on ” face of winter.”

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