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Hottie of the Week: Elicia Solis

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Among the vixens heating up magazine pages, computer monitors, and television screens in the United Kingdom is Elicia Solis. Solis is quickly rising in popularity as a glamour model that has done some nude shots. Aside from photo shoots, Elicia Solis has appeared on mixtape covers, magazines, and music videos.

Thus far, the urban community of the United Kingdom has embraced Elicia Solis. Among the publications she has appeared in cater to the urban market. While becoming highly popular with the urban population of the U.K., Solis is also preparing to leave her mark on the overall market.

Hip Hop Vibe was fortunate enough to speak with Elicia Solis, getting to know her personal interests, along with discovering what she wants out of life. Truly an interesting person, along with being a dream girl, Elicia Solis was very open.

Read the entire interview below:

When did all of this begin for you, first deciding you wanted to model, and then landing gigs and magazine features? I done my first glamour photo shoot in my early twenties and then another glamour shoot a few years later but I never took it seriously, this was just for my own use in building my confidence and making myself feel good. A couple of years later on 6th August 2011 is when I met Kosher, CEO of Candy Mag UK, Femelle Studios & Koshmo Photography. I went to his studio to do a photo shoot, he was very impressed with the outcome of the shoot and from there I signed a 3yrs management contract with him. That was 9 months ago. Within that 9 months, I have launched my own members only website, have exclusive Elicia Solis merchandise, featured as Miss August in Candy Mag 2012 Fast & Furious Topless Calendar, featured in various US magazines along with featuring as Cover Model on Touch Magazine International Issue, travelled to US to work with US photographers, travelled to Paris to shoot and feature in a new French glamour magazine, hosted three mixtapes, various radio interviews, featured in a reality TV show which will air on Sky TV in UK for 2012, am now a model and presenter for Bluebird TV on Sky TV and have started filming my own reality TV show.

What does it feel like to see yourself in magazine pages and on television? It feels amazing to see my images in magazines, sometimes I feel the need to pinch myself but I hold back as do not want to wake up from this dream yet, lol. But real talk, I am living the dream at the moment but I am still level headed, I am very down to earth and will never change that, I just still see myself as a normal girl. As for seeing myself on TV, I have not seen that as of yet as when I work on Bluebird TV, the show airs live.

Can you tell us about the reality show you have in the works? The reality show is called ‘Oh Boy… It’s Shardinay & Elicia’. The show is based a 21 year friendship between myself and my friend Shardinay who is known for her video release of her track ‘Oh Boy’ in 2010. Cameras are currently following us around in our day to day life, me with my modeling and Shardinay with her music, plus capturing all the events of when our dramas unfolds and our happiness blossoms.

How did you end up with an opportunity to have a reality show? When myself and Shardinay get together, we are like a comedy act, crazy things just tend to happen, therefore we came up with the concept of the show. Once people in the industry caught word of this idea, they become interested and wanted to get involved, and then things just fell into place from there.

Do you feel like you were meant to model, due to your good looks? I am not sure, being a model was never really a career that I tried to pursue, everything just happened for me accidentally. From meeting my manager Kosher, I became flooded with opportunities that most models spend years trying to chase so I had to just go for it as when I am a little old women sitting at home doing my knitting, I do not want to be wondering ‘What If.’

Do you feel it is harder for attractive women to be taken seriously? I do think that it is harder for attractive women to be taken seriously, especially models; we are stereotyped as being air heads. I have a very good education, graduating in Law and Business and working 6 years in the service for the Metropolitan Police which I have only recently resigned from due to my modeling career expanding.

During your spare time, what are you doing? I love spending time with my family, my mum, nan and nephew. Plus not forgetting my girls’ nights out, going out to restaurants (I am lady who loves her food) and shopping.

What is your favorite genre of music? Hip hop, dirty south, Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, Drake, Birdman, the list is endless.

As far as your career, what future goals do you have set? Right now I am concentrating on building my empire and expanding the Elicia Solis brand. I am going to be working on a new project in regards to adult audio story books read by myself which will be available for download for ipad etc. I have my first reading on 20th May 2012. I am really focusing on getting my name brand on a wide market. I would eventually like to have my own lingerie brand and shoe brand. There are many ideas running around in that head of mine, the audience just need to wait and see what comes next.

With a reality show already in the works, will you soon have any acting gigs in the works? Now, that would be fun, not sure if I can act but if given the opportunity, I would sure give it a try.

See additional photos of Elicia Solis below:

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