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Does Nas have a classic in the works with “Life is Good?”

By Hardcore Critic
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Arguably, Nas is the king of New York right now. Though a veteran, Nas is all over the place, being featured on songs by many newer artists. In the past, Nas was selective about the artists he worked with. Nas has been on a number of songs with various artists over the past year. When fans were beginning to wonder what the status of the new Nas album was, he turned things up a notch.

In 2011, Nas announced he was working on a new album, which he intended to release before the end of the year. For unknown reasons, the album was delayed, which has turned out to be beneficial for Nas. As he has released new songs from the album, each has met critical acclaim. Thus far, there are only four songs from Nas’ upcoming opus, Life is Good, available.

At a time when the quality of hip hop music is questioned, Nas has been releasing some of the best music out there. However, only four tracks have been released from the album. Arguably, those four Nas tracks are better than most of the albums released in the young year. From what has been released from Life is Good, the album has the makings of a classic. But, is the rest of the album going to live up to his initial four tracks?

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