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G. Dep has been sentenced to fifteen years in prison

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In 2010, G. Dep returned to the spotlight in the worst possible way when he confessed to the murder of a man in 1993. For nearly eighteen years, the crime went unsolved. Before finding success as a rapper, G. Dep was a street hustler. A robbery gone wrong led to G. Dep attacking a man who later died. After the apparent murder, G. Dep went on to become a successful rapper and a member of Bad Boy Records.

Many wondered why G. Dep waited so long to turn himself in for his crime. What further threw people off was when he pleaded ‘Not Guilty’ to his crimes. Following G. Dep’s erratic actions, many felt he was seeking attention, but found it in the worst possible way. Later, G. Dep’s legal defense said he was not in his right mind when he turned himself in and confessed to the wrong crime.

G. Dep said the only reason he turned himself in was because of his 12-step program, in which he was in to get over his drug addiction. Upon learning more about the robbery, G. Dep realized he had confessed to the wrong crime. Despite this, the case still went to trial and G. Dep has been sentenced to fifteen years in prison. Since confessing to his sins, G. Dep says he feels “lifted,” though spending the next decade and a half behind bars.

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