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Busta Rhymes to headline 8th Annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In recent years, Busta Rhymes has been more of a background player, as opposed to the star he once was. A span of twenty years is Busta Rhymes’ career and he has remained popular, working with a host of legendary artists. At one point, Busta Rhymes was preparing to wrap things up, with the release of his final album, before riding off into the sunset, focusing on his businesses.

While Busta Rhymes was preparing for life after hip hop, Cash Money Records was on a signing spree, adding any buzzing underground artist, or unattached veteran to their roster. Already signed to Cash Money’s parent label, Universal Records, Busta Rhymes signed with Cash Money Records. With an album already in the works, it did not take much to coax him out of retirement.

A native of Brooklyn, Busta Rhymes has performed at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival in the past. However, things will be different for Busta Rhymes this time, as he will be the headliner. Last year, Busta Rhymes appeared as one of the “… and friends,” as Q-Tip headlined the festival. The headliner is to be a part of the festival, which celebrates their legacy.

It may seem like is was not very long ago when Busta Rhymes began his career, but it has been over twenty years and he is now a legacy rapper.

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