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Bang ‘Em Smurf’s “Hell and Back” music video to premiere on Hip Hop Vibe

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Preparing a summer takeover, Bang ‘Em Smurf is gearing up for the June 5 release of his highly-anticipated Blacklisted: Kill on Site mixtape. Before releasing the project, Bang ‘Em Smurf has a number of teasers on the way for the fans. It has been a while since Bang ‘Em Smurf released a new music video and he will be correcting this during the summer.

With Blacklisted a month away, Bang ‘Em Smurf has chosen “Hell and Back” as a single off the upcoming street release. An introspective release, every song off the mixtape has a deeper meaning. “Hell and Back” is a proper narrative for everything Bang ‘Em Smurf has overcome, which is why he has chosen the track to lead off his mixtape.

This week, Bang ‘Em Smurf will begin the filming for “Hell and Back,” which will premiere on Hip Hop Vibe upon completion. Before the actual video release, behind the scenes clips of “Hell and Back” will appear on Hip Hop Vibe, along with a number of other hip hop websites. The exact premiere date for “Hell and Back” has yet to be determined, but when it is, Hip Hop Vibe will provide more information. In the meantime, there will be many more releases from Feed da Wolves Entertainment throughout the month of May and 2012.

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