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DJ Khaled talks tour bus explosion [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

This period of time has become the time when DJ Khaled takes over the rap game for the rest of the spring and into the summer with his music. Six years deep, DJ Khaled is working on his second album with Cash Money Records, Kiss the Ring. Everything Khaled has been doing is routine, with one major exception over this past weekend.

DJ Khaled is used to major musical explosions, but the explosion of his tour bus was something new. News of the fire was all over the internet. Many fans were worried about DJ Khaled, after initial reports, there was fear of him dying in the fire. However, it was soon revealed there were no problems with DJ Khaled and all was well.

Now, DJ Khaled has officially broken his silence on the fire. In recent months, DJ Khaled has become known for his vlogs. The latest vlog from DJ Khaled details exactly what happened on his tour bus, causing the fire.

Watch DJ Khaled’s vlog below:

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