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B.o.B. working on rock album

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Hip hop has an infatuation with rock music. At the peak of his career, Lil Wayne decided to do a 360 and record a rock album, eventually becoming Rebirth. Recently, Kid Cudi went through a battle with his label when he decided to record a rock album. Even hip hop powerhouse, Cash Money Records, signed legendary rock band, Limp Bizkit.

Grand Hustle Records’ B.o.B. also has an interest in rock music, which he often speaks on. Currently, B.o.B. is preparing for the release of his sophomore effort, Strange Clouds. With the album due tomorrow, B.o.B. is already focsued on his next album. Much like the rappers mentioned above, B.o.B. is headed toward rock music, too.

Speaking on his third album, B.o.B. said his album will be another hip hop album, but will be rock-inspired. During his interview with, B.o.B. also discussed his upcoming album with T.I., The Man, The Martian. Their collaborative effort will come after the release of Tip’s comeback effort, Trouble Man.

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