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Rick Ross talks “Rich Forever” with MTV

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Rick Ross’ original plans for 2011 were to dominate the year through collaborations and the emergence of his Maybach Music label. Without any music of his own out, Rick Ross had become the biggest hip hop artist, period. The original plan was for Rick Ross to close the year with the release of his album, God Forgives, I Don’t.

Two seizures in October 2011 led to Rick Ross’ team slowing him down. Because he was unable to make his rounds, Rick Ross was forced to delay his album until 2012. Those expecting a new album from Rick Ross were highly disappointed. In the closing days of 2011, Rick Ross promised to make it up to fans with his mixtape, Rich Forever.

Released in the early days of 2012, not even a week into the year, Rich Forever has outlasted most albums. Nearly five months since the release of the mixtape and it has broken records. Rich Forever has 10 million counted downloads and countless other downloads. “Stay Schemin'” has become one of the biggest singles of 2012, hitting several radio stations and millions of video views. Rick Ross has experienced the type of success he knew he would and the success of his mixtape proves it.

Months after the release of Rich Forever, Rick Ross spoke with MTV about his mixtape. Rick Ross said he often uses the phrase “rich forever” in his rhymes, but he said it also something he believes. To Rick Ross, Rich Forever is rich ideas, rich concepts, and rich thoughts. The mixtape was crafted much like an album, featuring many top stars as John Legend, French Montana, Drake, Diddy, Nas, Kelly Rowland, and Birdman. Ross spoke on several themes of the mixtape with MTV, which also features Future.

Watch the entire interview below:

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