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Nicki Minaj returns to Twitter after nine day hiatus

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In what appeared to be a month, Nicki Minaj has been off her Twitter. Tired of all the negative criticism being thrown her way, Nicki Minaj cut off the primary source of the hate. With most of the negative feedback coming from Twitter, Nicki Minaj decided to delete her account. While she cut herself off from negativity, she also left behind 11 million followers.

With all the negative feedback, even after leaving Twitter, Nicki Minaj began fueling rumors of her leaving the rap game. In the United Kingdom, promoting the UK release of Roman Reloaded, Nicki Minaj was forced to discuss her feelings about Twitter. Early on, Nicki Minaj said she would return to her Twitter, but later she revealed she would likely not return.

The last impression Nicki Minaj left on the media was that she would not be returning to Twitter, but earlier today, Nicki Minaj returned to Twitter. Back on Twitter, Nicki Minaj already has 120,000 followers and counting. Since reactivating her account, Nicki Minaj has yet to release a new tweet.

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