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Papoose talks “It’s Like That (remix)” and Remy Ma

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Once upon a time, it appeared as if Papoose was going to be the next big thing. Receiving major co-signs from Busta Rhymes and DJ Kay Slay, Papoose signed a $1 million deal with Jive Records, following the release of seventeen mixtapes. Papoose was also signed to Kay Slay’s Streetsweepers Entertainment and was touted by many as the future of the rap game.

Much like Saigon, who had a similar path to near-stardom, Papoose faced an incredible amount of delays regarding his album release. As Saigon got fed up and left Atlantic Records, Papoose got fed up and left Jive Records. While Papoose may never become the biggest rap star in the game, he will be legendary on the mixtape scene forever and remains among the most-connected rappers in the game.

Yesterday, Papoose garnered much attention when he released “It’s Like That (remix),” which features hip hop legends, Jadakiss and Styles P, alongside 2 Chainz. The star-studded track was met with numerous downloads. XXL recently caught up with Papoose and he explained he did the track because he does not usually share tracks with a large number of artists, feeling it has been overdone.

Growing up listening to Jadakiss and Styles P, Papoose was honored to have them on one of his tracks. Papoose shares a mutual friend with the rising 2 Chainz and he told Pap getting him to do a verse would be no problem. The popularity of both “It’s Like That” and the star-studded remix have Papoose excited about finally completing his debut album, The Nacirema Dream. Another track on the album, which has been highly-discussed his the track with his wife, Remy Ma, “What’s My Name.” Pap describes the track as insight into how they interact on a personal level.

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