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French Montana preparing Summer 2012 takeover

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Popularity may be low now, but 50 Cent laid the groundwork for rappers serious about taking the next step in their career without the support of a label through releasing mixtapes. With the support of a label, Lil Wayne stopped releasing albums and began releasing mixtapes. By the time he released his next album, Lil Wayne went triple platinum. Since his success, most rappers rely on releasing mixtapes to gain success.

French Montana has been on the New York hip hop scene for years. Since 2007, French Montana has been releasing mixtapes. Last year, French Montana’s mixtape buzz helped build him into one of the most-coveted artists in the game. Unsigned, French Montana had personal relationships with many of the top emcees in the game, many of which wanted to sign him.

In the end, French Montana paid homage to New York City and signed with Bad Boy Records, the hometown label. With his “Shot Caller” single already receiving strong radio play, for well over six months, Bad Boy Records was immediately placed back on top of the game. This summer, French Montana plans to release more singles and his debut album, Excuse My French.

The summer looks to be when French Montana officially solidifies his place in the game, with more music and the official release of his album, which will be coming on July 17, 2012.

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