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Emee-Kay speaks on “Show Off” music video and New Singles

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Emee-Kay speaks on “Show Off” music video and New Singles

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last month, Hip Hop Vibe introduced the readers to a rising talent on the West Coast named Emee-Kay. In her “On the Rise” feature, Emee-Kay discussed how she would soon release new singles and a music video for one of her songs. The music video for her single, “Show Off,” was recently completed and Emee-Kay has watched five of her singles hit iTunes.

Emee-Kay is signed to Las Vegas-based record label, Lims Records, and lives a few miles out of Sin City in the neighboring St. George, Utah. Both areas have yet to produce a major hip hop artist, despite a number of rappers in the area. With local powerhouse, Lims Records, behind her, Emee-Kay looks to be in a position to be the first rapper from the area to emerge successful in the game.

Hip Hop Vibe recently sat down with Emee-Kay again, as she provided an update about her music, discussing the video shoot, the “Show Off” single and her five singles released to iTunes.

Read the entire interview below:

What was the inspiration behind the “Show Off” single? “Show Off” was one of the first songs I wrote, it popped up in my head, but it was completely different than what it is now. But, the original elements from when I first wrote it remained the same. I continued to think about the song and when I began recording, it came natural. The song sounds different from the other music out there.

What can viewers expect to see in the music video? We have some great locations, nice scenery, we have four dancers in the music video. The video was fun and crazy.

Can you explain the experience you had creating the music video? We had so much fun putting the music video together. The experience was very fun and very crazy.

How would you describe the “Show Off” music video? A lot of attitude (laughs).

When will the music video premiere? In less than three weeks, the video will premiere, but fans will continue to be updated through Facebook and Twitter. “Show Off” can be downloaded on iTunes.

Speaking of iTunes, you recently released five singles via iTunes, correct? We had to hold up on one of them, which is a collaboration. Because of this, there will only be four singles. All four of those songs will hit iTunes on April 24.

Can you tell us more about the “Show Off” single? Yes, the song features Mbajua, my Lims Records label-mate who is also in the music video.

You also shot a video for your single, “Serenity?” Yeah, it was shot over the weekend, along with “Show Off.” “Serenity” is more pop-inspired than “Show Off,” so fans will quickly see how many different styles Emee-Kay has.

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