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Slim Thug truly lives life “Like a Boss”


Slim Thug truly lives life “Like a Boss”

By Hardcore Critic
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Odds of Slim Thug returning to the level of success he reached in 2005 are highly unlikely, given the changes of the rap game. Slim Thug’s success in 2005 followed years of releasing mixtapes and independent singles. One thing has remained constant, through each phase of the career of Slim Thug, though, he has always made good money.

Currently, Slim Thug’s career looks a lot like it did ten years ago. The difference is the success of his official debut album, Already Platinum. Slim Thug burst onto the scene during the early stages of 2005 with his single, “Like a Boss.” In the music video, Slim Thug was portrayed as the man in charge, running actual businesses, as opposed to Mafioso references.

It turns out the music video was not much of a stretch, as Slim Thug had turned himself into a true boss. Instead of spending his rap money on various cars, and other expensive things, Slim Thug invested his money in various real estate properties. The Houston emcee realized his time in the spotlight was limited, so he made the most of his time.

Two years after his big break, Slim Thug was unable to secure a solid release date for his second album, reverting back to mixtapes. Eventually, this is where Slim Thug officially returned and his Boss Hogg Outlawz have still managed to remain relevant. With his record label, Slim Thug has an entertainment company, but his hands are in several pots. A modern day Master P, of sorts, Slim Thug often speaks on how important he feels it is for rappers to invest their money in business ventures, ensuring their wealth years after their careers end.

Of course, rap music is Slim Thug’s passion, but he has an ear for business. Watching the music video for “Like a Boss” will give fans an inside look at the real life Slim Thug lives.

Watch the music video for “Like a Boss” by Slim Thug below:

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