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Pac Div to perform at Roxy Theater on May 1

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The “New West” movement has been in full effect for nearly a year. A new generation of West Coast artists have emerged and are considered the biggest new names in hip hop. Kendrick Lamar, Tyler, the Creator, YG, Tyga, and many more have made names for themselves on a national scale. Pac Div has also become another “New West” talent to emerge successful on a national scale.

Originally from Southern California, Pac Div has experienced success, signing with Universal Motown. Following years of delays, they finally released their debut album, The Div. Since delivering their debut album, Pac Div has been relatively silent. However, the group has been out performing shows across the United States and they will soon be returning to where it all started.

Pac Div will be in Hollwood performing at Roxy Theater on May 1. Other guests include Kurtis Blow, Jr.

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