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Mobb Deep likely to never release a New Album

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last weekend, Havoc’s Twitter began posting rants about Prodigy. Throughout the history of Mobb Deep, Havoc and Prodigy were always one. Later in their career, their actions shocked many fans. Despite how they would shock their fans, the fans could always count on Havoc and Prodigy always remaining united.

Things forever changed when Havoc began his Twitter rant about Prodigy, calling him everything from a “fake Jay-Z” to a closeted homosexual. For those who may have assumed the account was hacked, the tweets clearly read there was no hacking involved. Soon, Havoc released an official statement, deactivating the Twitter.

Even after Havoc released the statement, denying the Twitter rant, many still had questions about the situation. Fat Joe was asked his opinion on their beef and even he sounded confused. In the past, Mobb Deep and Fat Joe had issues with each other. Now, sources close to Mobb Deep are saying no one should expect the duo to ever release a body of new material.

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