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DJ Haze talks Black Wall Street and Game in interview

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Before having the support of G-Unit, Game already had a following going in New York City due to his partnership with DJ Haze. In 2002, Game established his own record label, Black Wall Street, and then signed with Aftermath Entertainment. It has been ten years since Game has been signed and made a name for himself.

As Game prepares for the release of his fifth studio album, F.I.V.E., reached out DJ Haze to get his opinion on Game and an update about the label he helped the Compton rapper co-found. DJ Haze said things were great when he and Game first met, as they started their record label.

While DJ Haze will always hold Game in high regards, he did say the two bumped heads, as Game did not seem very interested, or dedicated to, the growth of the Black Wall Street label. Speaking on the status of Black Wall Street, DJ Haze said the last time he spoke with Game was an argument over a beat and there is no more Black Wall Street. The name is still alive, but he said the label is no longer there. DJ Haze told he is not sure what the status of the label is, at this point.

Things with Game are not the way they once were, but DJ Haze said he often keeps him up-to-date with what is going on in New York City. DJ Haze credits his relationship with Game and their style to the expansion he enjoyed as a DJ, building his name.

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