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Rev Run talks Diggy Simmons/J. Cole feud

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Rev Run talks Diggy Simmons/J. Cole feud

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Run-DMC is considered to be one of the most-influential hip hop groups of all-time and there is no denying the Simmons family. However, due to all of the success of the first-generation of Joseph and Russell Simmons, the public have been waiting on the second generation of Simmons’ to fail. Angela and Vanessa, Run (Joseph’s) daughters have launched successful businesses, but have been labeled whores by the media.

Seven years ago, Rev Run allowed MTV into his home for “Run’s House,” which became the most-popular show on the network. On the show, fans had a chance to get to know the family of Rev Run up close and personal. While watching JoJo Simmons, the oldest son, prepare for adulthood, fans watched Diggy and Russy Simmons grow up. Three years have passed since “Run’s House” and the family is the topic of discussion.

JoJo Simmons attempted a career in rap and his Team BLACKout had a prominent role on the show in 2007-2008. Since then, not much has been said about the group and JoJo Simmons was arrested for possession of marijuana. Because of this, and his father’s status as both hip hop royalty and a preacher, JoJo Simmons became the butt of jokes quickly. The jokes intensified when Diggy Simmons began rapping and landed a major label deal, when JoJo’s struggles with an independent label were displayed in front of millions on “Run’s House.”

Diggy Simmons, while not mentioning his brother, has done his best to not follow in his footsteps. JoJo Simmons attempted to portray himself as a “gangsta,” when it was obvious he was born into wealth. However, Diggy Simmons presented himself, as-is, and he was embraced because of his honesty. Despite all the positive things Diggy Simmons is bringing to hip hop, there are some who cannot see past his last name and the stories about his siblings. J. Cole somewhat jokingly rapped about this on his “Grew Up Fast” and “Purple Rain.”

On both tracks, J. Cole played his lines off as jokes. However, over the weekend, Diggy Simmons returned with a response to J. Cole with “What You Say to Me.” Diggy Simmons hits the Roc Nation emcee with numerous direct shots, alienating his no-cursing policy for a brief period of time. Perhaps, because of who he is and the fact that many still see him as the little kid on “Run’s House,” his response has shocked many, while J. Cole has not come under much fire. Rev Run broke his silence on the situation, via Twitter, saying “J. Cole puts out two records dissing family and Diggy and nobody cared, someone leaks an old Diggy record and there’s a problem? Yikes.”

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