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An Introduction to Virginia’s Promo King, Jay 30


An Introduction to Virginia’s Promo King, Jay 30

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Regardless of the part played, the hip hop industry is all about connections. One of the top promoters in Richmond, Virginia, Jay30, has numerous connections at his disposal. Before his career in promotions, Jay30 was well-known and respected by local hip hop artists and in the clubs. It was only a matter of time before he began promoting.

Well-connected, among those Jay30 has personal relationships with includes an A&R for Bad Boy Records, Senator Skid. Technology has made the impossible appear possible and has led to many pursuing their dreams. At one time or another, most people do dream of superstardom and many in urban communities dream of becoming rap stars, which is a reality in modern times. This has been the case all over the world, with Virginia being no different.

Local Richmond club, Aurora, has become a hotbed for the local hip hop scene. Because of this, Jay30 chose this venue for his weekly “Show Your Skills” showcase, which takes place every Friday. The showcase, which has served as an outlet for local rappers has gained recognition on a national scale. Rappers from the area have made bigger names for themselves by appearing on “Show Your Skills,” something Jay30 takes pride in. Alongside gaining important connections, Jay30 is helping artists make names for themselves for their work.

Not only is “Show Your Skills” a viable option for promotion, Jay30 makes it worth the while for independent artists, as he invites some of his people to attend the event. In 2011, Jay30 turned one of the Friday night showcases into an audition for Bad Boy Records’ A&R, Senator Skid. As the artists performed, Senator Skidd analyzed and then judged the artists based on their performance, giving them tips on how they could improve. Showcases such as these no longer phase Jay30, as he has grown used to working on the club scene.

In a relatively short period of time, Jay30 has become one of the biggest promoters in Virginia and is nationally-known. While his base is Richmond, Virginia, Jay30 has taken the “Show Your Skills” showcase on the road, hosing shows in Atlanta. Jay30 is well-known in several cities on the East Coast and executives for several major record labels are well aware of Jay30 and the “Show Your Skills” showcase.

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