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Will Ace Hood have a Breakout Year in 2012?

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The potential is definitely there, as is the drive and the motivation. Ace Hood has what it takes to be a star and has had his fair share of publicity. However, for various reasons, he has never been able to fully takeover the game. This has not stopped him from continuing his quest for greatness. If anything, it has only motivated Ace Hood to try harder.

Miami has proven to be a hotbed for hip hop talent. For years, Trick Daddy released platinum albums and was joined by Trina. Slip-N-Slide Records made a name for themselves as the destination for Miami rappers to be heard. They continued this trend with the 2006 debut of Rick Ross, followed by the 2007 debut of Plies and things have not been the same since.

For nearly a decade, at the time Fat Joe had been a frequent visitor of Miami, making the city a second home. Fat Joe owns a Miamo home and built a friendship with DJ Khaled, which led to the two working together. One of the biggest names in the game, Fat Joe added DJ Khaled to Terror Squad, which served as his entry into the game. Well connected in his own right, Khaled possessed a gift for uniting artists. His series of albums helped cement Rick Ross and Plies as stars, while keeping veterans Fat Joe and Trick Daddy relevant, and was a launching pad for Ace Hood’s career.

Def Jam quickly recognized DJ Khaled’s talent and popularity, hiring him as the new head of Def Jam South, meanwhile granting him his own label, We the Best Music Group. Ace Hood was the first artist signed to the label and his debut album was out within a year of him being added to the label. Being in the spotlight, Ace Hood proved he had the potential to be a superstar. However, with DJ Khaled working with many established superstars, Ace Hood found himself in the background and soon contemplated retirement. When this doubt filled his mind, Ace Hood returned to the studio and returned with an undeniable hit, “Hustle Hard.”

It has been a year since Ace Hood released “Hustle Hard,” yet the song is still popular among fans. The release of “Hustle Hard” led to a triumphant comeback from Ace Hood, but 2011 was filled with comebacks from higher-profile artists who were met with more success. Now, with Ace Hood finding himself relevant, once again, he has to come back stronger than ever before. Obviously, he is up to the challenge, as he has continued releasing new music. In four days, Ace Hood will release his Starvation mixtape, which will be the first step in this takeover.

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