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Machine Gun Kelly and Mystikal talk “Wild Boy (remix)” with XXL

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last summer, Machine Gun Kelly signed to the record label who invented the remix. It has been less than a year since Machine Gun Kelly joined Bad Boy Records. Already, the rapper representing Cleveland is making noise. In recent months, his “Wild Boy” single has gained significant radio play, leading up to a remix being recorded.

Machine Gun Kelly recruited 2 Chainz, Meek Mill, Mystikal, French Montana, and Yo Gotti for the “Wild Boy (remix).” During the chorus of the initial “Wild Boy” single, Machine Gun Kelly mentions Steve-O, a MTV reality star. On the remix of the “Wild Boy” single, Machine Gun Kelly features Steve-O. Speaking with XXL, Machine Gun Kelly revealed he met the MTV star before he recorded the original “Wild Boy.” Upon learning he was shouted out in the song, Steve-O embraced the new music and shared the song on several social networks.

Discussing the remix, Machine Gun Kelly said he wanted something different, “wild boy, dope boy shit,” and then he could come in and do his own thing. Mystikal also spoke on the collaboration with XXL, saying “Our camp figured it would be a nice opportunity to jump on something like that—you know, get them youngsters, ’cause they gon’ introduce me to the younger audience,” he said. “Once we did that, we shot the remix for the video yesterday. We brought it all together. It’s that rapid fire, machine gun. He got the right name. It’s good to see young, fresh artists in the game. We need that.”


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