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MC Lyte addresses Tyler, the Creator diss with

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

No one is safe from a Tyler, the Creator diss, the 2011 MTV Video Music Award winner for ‘Best New Artist’ has dissed everyone from Jesus to Bruno Mars. Simply because he dislikes Bruno Mars’ music, the Odd Future frontman has targeted the crooner. While he frequently goes after Bruno Mars, Tyler, the Creator is not afraid of going up against anyone.

Following his own success, Tyler, the Creator has decided to use his popularity to propel his group, Odd Future. Their first single of 2012 was “Rella,” a comical video, filled with more disses and parodies of hip hop’s elite. One line overlooked by most was Tyler, the Creator’s verse “get this thing poppin,’ like MC Lyte around some dykes.”

MC Lyte, however, was very aware of the verse and she has words for Tyler, the Creator. Instead of recording a song of her own, she decided to discuss it with When asked if she was personally offended by the line, MC Lyte said she obviously was. Putting Tyler in his place MC Lyte said he is still new to the game and must not fully understand the influence veterans have in the careers of newcomers.

Given the inspiration she has been to the younger generation, MC Lyte said it was very irresponsible of Tyler, the Creator to disrespect her the way he did. mentioned the openly lesbian member of Odd Future, Syd The Kyd, and the overall eccentric nature of the group and how her name was probably just used as a joke. MC Lyte said just because her name rhymed, he had no right to use her name and she has to take it personally, because of that, regardless of how he meant it.

Mentioning Syd The Kyd, MC Lyte said she was aware of her and questioned why Tyler, the Creator did not use Syd’s name instead of hers. MC Lyte did not like Tyler using her and said her intelligence was insulted more than her feelings were hurt.

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