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Teedra Moses talks Maybach Music with

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A proven method for R&B singers to gain a fan base has been working closely with record labels, which primarily feature rappers. In the early 2000s, many R&B singers were known for forming relationships with rappers. Mike Shorey gained fame for his Fabolous collaborations, Lil’ Mo also shot to fame alongside Fabolous, but primarily due to her work with Ja Rule and her close affiliation with Murder Inc. Ashanti would later be signed, becoming the in-house songstress.

However, the songstress Teedra Moses may resemble the most is Olivia, who released her debut album in 2001, with lackluster sales, is primarily-known for her role with G-Unit Records. Much like the former G-Unit first lady, Teedra Moses released an album under a label and faced lackluster sales. Continuing the parallel with Olivia and G-Unit, Teedra Moses began working with current hip hop dominators, Maybach Music, at the height of their success.

Both Teedra Moses and Maybach Music are hoping for different results for the same, and different, reasons. Teedra Moses hopes to release several albums under Maybach Music and Maybach Music hopes to enjoy a longer run than G-Unit enjoyed. During an interview with, Teedra Moses discussed her affiliation with Maybach Music, saying it has given her more media attention than she would have received otherwise. Moses accepted the attention she is receiving may be more about Rick Ross than her, but she loves the attention because she believes she can hook the fans with her music.

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