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Rick Ross is having a “boss” Impact on the Game


Rick Ross is having a “boss” Impact on the Game

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Rare, it is, to see another person’s vision. When a person has a vision of seeing themselves advancing, those around them usually only see the person in front of them. In Rick Ross’ case, there were many who felt he had done all he was going to. For years, he was a benchplayer for Slip-N-Slide and then landed a deal with Def Jam.

Many say if they had a shot, they would have done much better. Others say all they need is a shot and they will accomplish their dreams. Rick Ross was given a shot and he made the most of it. First, Rick Ross made himself the most-popular rapper in the game and then he did the same thing for his Maybach Music crew.

Being popular is one thing, as many rappers have held the top spot. But, being influential is another case, all within itself. Rick Ross has become influential. Granted, everyone is not a Rick Ross fan, but even those who do not care for him respect him. With everyone working with Rick Ross, he is working with someone’s favorite rapper if he does not hold the title himself. The things Rick Ross has done, here early in 2012, are things many other “big name” rappers cannot do.

Dr. Dre, perhaps the most-elusive figure in hip hop, came out of hibernation to fly to Miami, all for Rick Ross’ birthday party. Elise Neal, a popular actress from the defunct television network, UPN, sitcoms, has been out of the public eye for years. She returned when news of Rick Ross’ seizures were released. It turned out she had been dating Rick Ross throughout the year. The veterans in the rap game, the legends and those who stuck around, both spend their time hanging out with Rick Ross, as do the newcomers.

Birdman, one of the most-successful hip hop label heads ever, credited Rick Ross as a “brother” and said he sees a lot of himself in the popular rapper. Rick Ross’ birthday bash in Miami is notable for much more than Dr. Dre stopping by and spending nearly $1 million on a gift for him. Days before her death, Whitney Houston was also in Miami, celebrating with Rick Ross, as he turned 36-years-old. At this time, many veterans from other genres generally do not care much for hip hop, but Whitney Houston was there to celebrate.

While she added more rappers to her comeback album, Mary J. Blige first called upon Rick Ross to contribute to her My Life 2 album. After working with Rick Ross, Mary J. Blige praised him for his warm personality, calling him beautiful. Blige, a veteran in the R&B game whose reputation and reception probably comes second to Whitney Houston, also said Rick Ross was one of the most-talented artists she has ever dealt with.

Even after everything he has accomplished, stubborn critics of Rick Ross feel he will soon be an afterthought and place him in the same category of other rappers who have enjoyed brief periods on top. But, the people who remained on top long enough to earn the status of “legend,” such as Mary J. Blige, Whitney Houston, Dr. Dre, Erick Sermon, and others have all praised Rick Ross for his hard work. If Rick Ross’ run does end, the respect from the legends will always be there.

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