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Honey Cocaine shot at Tyga’s Nebraska performance

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Due to her affiliation with Tyga, Honey Cocaine has made a name for herself over the past year. She is one of the artists signed to Tyga’s record label, which is run independently from Young Money. As one of the first artists from Tyga’s label, Honey Cocaine is touring with Tyga on the Careless World tour.

The most-recent stop for Tyga was in Nebraska. No stranger to controversy on the road, things were too tough, even for Tyga. An argument began between some people in the audience, which led to garbage being thrown on stage. Tyga and his entourage were rushed off stage and into a vehicle.

Soon, gun shots were fired in the direction of the vehicle. While everyone was safe, it was Honey Cocaine who suffered an injury. Honey Cocaine was shot in the middle of the madness, but she has maintained a positive outlook. On her Twitter, Honey Cocaine said “What happenend, happened… God loves me and he loves you. Got shot and I’m not dead.”

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