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Funkmaster Flex and DJ Clue engage in Twitter war

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Social networking has many benefits and many issues. While it is an easy tool to reconnect and engage with friends, it is also an easy tool to use to insult rivals. For two years, former Hot 97 co-workers, Funkmaster Flex and DJ Clue, have been exchanging insults. The most-recent edition of their war of words started on the radio and carried over to Twitter.

Funkmaster Flex recently ranted about DJ Clue on Hot 97, speaking on a new song from Nicki Minaj. According to Funkmaster Flex, the new song was originally intended to be a DJ Clue leak. During his speech, Funkmaster Flex takes credit for hacking Clue’s email and releasing the song, himself. Something, DJ Clue scoffed at when he heard the rumors.

DJ Clue, who initially provked their war of words on Twitter, returned to Twitter to air out Funkmaster Flex. Calling the veteran DJ a fat old dude, Clue said the audio was never emailed to him in the first place.

Read DJ Clue’s tweet below:

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