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Tyler, the Creator talks Supreme clothing line in GQ interview

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Tyler, the Creator talks Supreme clothing line in GQ interview

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Proof of hip hop’s evolution is in any Tyler, the Creator song or video, and even in his name. At a time when rappers were being criticized for being unoriginal, Tyler, the Creator is unlike any other rapper, ever. A California “skater dude” with an eccentric state of mind has risen to become one of the most-popular rappers in the game.

Tyler, the Creator sticks out, due to his deep voice and odd lyrics. His music is one of the many reasons Tyler, the Creator sticks out. Another thing which makes him a standout is his choice in clothing. Recently, Tyler, the Creator and GQ’s style guy, Glenn O’Brien, discussed clothing, with both being fans of the Supreme clothing line.

During his interview with GQ, Tyler, the Creator also discussed Supreme’s artist collaborations, fashion, and Glenn O’Brien commented on his music.

Read excerpts of Tyler, the Creator’s GQ interview below:

Tyler, The Creator on being influenced by Supreme’s approach to design:
“Visual aesthetic is important to me. I take video directing and designing album art and shit like that very serious, and they do, too. So that’s one thing I like from them, the way they design certain things—not too much, not too little.”

Tyler on Supreme’s artist collaborations:
“There’s a lot of artists I didn’t know about that I learned about from them. My favorite collaboration they did was with Sean Cliver. He has decks with black dudes in KKK suits, a white kid with a Hitler mustache dressed as a pimp, stuff with John Wayne Gacy—just cool decks.”

Tyler on fashion:
“I’m not into fashion, but I like design. I wear the same shoes every day. These same pants. I’ve been wearing this Supreme hat for a month.”

Glenn O’Brien on Tyler, The Creator’s, music:
“To me, it’s almost like stand-up comedy with a beat.”

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