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Gee Major speaks on Producing Hit Singles and New Projects

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Gee Major speaks on Producing Hit Singles and New Projects

By The Hip Hop Writer
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Credit and attention, rightfully so, goes to the stars. However, the people behind the scenes are the ones who are often overlooked. Gee Major is among the people who have put together numerous hit singles. However, not very many fans are familiar with him. Fame is nice, but notoriety is even better. Gee Major is known by the celebrities and he is well-respected.

Gee Major has worked with many big names. Representing Los Angeles, Gee Major has several projects in the works. With 2012 still relatively new, Gee Major is trying to get a jump on the New Year. The popular engineer has been making his rounds, working with many big names and many up-and-comers.

A month ago, Hip Hop Vibe ran into Gee Major and held a discussion. Today, Hip Hop Vibe caught Gee Major over the phone and did an interview.

Read the entire interview below:

What hit singles have you helped produce? I’m just an engineer, but I have put together John Doe’s “Shorty is a Problem,” I have done work with John Doe, who is signed to 7 Aurelius’ label.

You’re heavy on the Twitter right, tell us about your Twitter game? Yeah. I got over 53,000 followers, I’m putting noise out there for the executives, DJ YRS Jerzy, and the rest of the team. We got a good following.

Who have you met using Twitter? I met my boy Jerzy (DJ YRS Jerzy), I connect with my fans on Twitter, but the people I really interact with on Twitter are people I have already met.

Can you explain what an engineer does on the record? Mix, master, record the session. I do some of everything, myself, I have helped produce and I’ve written. I’m more than the engineer who sits in the corner, right now, I’ve got the DJ Khaled swag going on right now.

So, you’re working with a lot of up-and-coming artists? Yes. Right now, we’re focusing on John Doe and his project, Revenge, Romance, Remorse, he is 7 Aurelius’ artist. Shorty Mack will appear on the project, actually I engineered their collaboration “Shorty is a Problem.” Team 700 is who I am rolling with right now. I’m also working on the Rich Rick project, those are my two main focuses right now.

You also said you do A&R work, have you worked with any major labels? No, I’m just in and out. If I notice a person is big and I have a hot beat and a hot up-and-coming artist, I connect the dots and make things happen. Usually, the song becomes a hit.

How many years have you put into the game? I started when I was ten, the people I used to hang out with were rappers, but I couldn’t rap, but I wanted in. I picked up a computer, learned programming, and made it happen. When I was twenty-one, I graduated from L.A. Recording School and officially began my career.

What other new projects are you working on? That’s it right now, those two up-and-coming artists. My focus is on them.

Can you name some of the hit singles you have been a part of? Six John, “Sexy in Here,” which featured Ne-Yo. “Friends with Benefits,” Rich Rick and Theo Banks, “Shorty is a Problem” by John Doe featuring Shorty Mack, his debut single. I even produced a few songs from Shorty Mack’s mixtape, The Reminder.

Do you frequent the Los Angeles club scene? Yeah.

What are some of the hotspots? Avalon, Empire, I used to promote back in the day Dae Bogan, he’s a creative director for Sheek Shoes. Before I produced, I did promotions. The Cabana Club is where everybody gets ratchet at.

Who are your favorite celebrities to party with? Myself (laughs). Everybody I work with, Show Off, he’s a hood celebrity and does it big in the clubs. Tom Green, he’s cool, I party with him sometimes. Shorty Mack has to be my favorite person to party with, he holds it down on the club scene. Shout out to Eljay who has 300,000 plus followers on Twitter, his album is on the way.

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