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Joie Manda, the New President of Def Jam?

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Things went from bad to worse once Jay-Z left Def Jam. Roc-A-Fella Records officially disbanded and their roster of talent all went their separate ways. Def Jam, the label behind this talent, and so much more, was now a shell of its former self. The problems at Def Jam have been going on for years, but it was not until Irv Gotti called it out on MTV RapFix did the world begin to take notice.

Irv Gotti said Def Jam needed a president who cared about the artists to run the label. Meanwhile, many critics say Def Jam simply needs a president. Several new artists have been signed to the iconic label, but there is not enough of them to replace the veteran talent, which has been lost. The new artists who are having a major impact on the game are being snatched up by other labels.

The problems at Def Jam have been analyzed for months and finally the question about the solution was asked. Perhaps someone heard the question, or it can simply be perfect timing, regardless, there are rumors of the man in the above picture, Joie Manda, being named the new president of Def Jam. Joie Manda previously worked for Asylum Records and most-recently Warner Bros. Records. Manda played a pivitol role in what was a major blow to Def Jam in aiding Rick Ross in his deal with Warner Bros. Records.

Now, for possibly a short period of time, Joie Manda will be Rick Ross’ new boss at Def Jam. Joie Manda will sit down with The Source tomorrow to discuss his potential new position.

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