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Chevy Woods – “7.62 (freestyle)”

The most-popular instrumentals are usually Rick Ross songs and it has been this way for two years, now. Even his mixtape tracks have addicting instrumentals, which have led to many other rappers freestyling over the beats. After the controversy, “Stay Schemin'” was accepted for what it was, a good song with a nice instrumental and many rappers followed Common’s lead in freestyling over the beat.

The other controversy surronding the song worked wonders for Rick Ross and French Montana, keeping them in the news without them having to do anything. For Rick Ross, the job was far from done, as he had more music to release from Rich Forever, as the wait continued for God Forgives, I Don’t. “High Definition” was selected as the second single from the mixtape.

Chevy Woods recently freestyled over “High Definition,” renaming the track “7.62.”

Listen to “7.62 (freestyle)” by Chevy Woods below:

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