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Geter K talks Success of Maybach Music Group with The Source

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A dream became reality for a group of misfits right in front of our own eyes, as the vision Rick Ross had for Maybach Music came to life. For one year, now, hip hop fans have gotten used to hearing Rick Ross’ now-trademark grunt and hearing the Maybach Music shout out before every song. Maybach Music has taken over the rap game.

Rick Ross makes it look so easy, as he continues to release his hit singles, even without releasing an album, he dominated an entire year. But, Rick Ross will be the first to admit he did not do all of this on his own. One of the people who has helped Maybach Music get where it is at is Geter K. There are quite a few fans out there who have no idea who Geter K is, but he is one of the people who keeps the machine abbreviated MMG running.

The Source recently caught up with Geter K, asking him how he ended up working with Maybach Music and how he feels about the run they have been on. Geter K revealed to The Source he met Rick Ross through Torch, as they went to high school together and were good friends. Describing the atmosphere at Maybach Music, Geter K said it is like a family, everyone has a brotherly relationship with each other.

With the success Maybach Music has been having over the past year, Geter K said the excitement is still very high. Boasting artists from Washington, DC, with Wale, Philadelphia, with Meek Mill, and artists in many other markets, Geter K said the unofficial motto for the Maybach Music Group is “if you’re going to be a powerhouse, you have to look in everyone’s backyard, not just your own.” This is something Maybach Music lives by.

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