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Diggy Simmons debuted “Unexpected Arrival” in New York City

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A better title could not have been conceived for Diggy Simmons’ debut album. Due to his parentage, there were many who felt Diggy Simmons would not be cut out for the rap game. Even the older members of his family warned him about entering the business. Despite the numerous warnings, Diggy Simmons decided to record a mixtape. The mixtape soon landed Diggy Simmons a meeting with Atlantic Records who gave him the greenlight to record a new album.

Two years later, Diggy Simmons is two weeks away from releasing Unexpected Arrival and he has been living up to the name. Currently, Diggy Simmons is enjoying the success of his Jeremih-assisted “Do it Like You” single. The song has received a massive amount of radio-play and has been well-received by critics. But, there is much more to Diggy Simmons than the two singles he has released.

Atlantic Records recently hosted a listening session at Tribeca Cinemas in Downtown New York City. Unexpected Arrival was played for insiders of the hip hop industry and the executives of Atlantic Records. No one had anything negative to say about the album, but they revealed the album was more geared toward his teen audience, as opposed to the overall hip hop market.

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