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Nas denies launching Kings and Queens record label

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Many of the greatest are not cut out for the business world. Michael Jordan is regarded as one of the best basketball players. However, his track record as a basketball executive has been less-than-impressive. This is evidenced by the record of the Charlotte Bobcats this season, who are on pace to be the worst team in NBA history. The same can be said for many great rappers who have tried to start labels.

Following his fourth album, Nas launched his Ill Will Records and released a compilation album, introducing the crew. The crew did little to keep fans interested and soon the label was forgotten. When Nas signed with Def Jam, he was granted a vanity label. The Nas’ run label was called The Jones Experience. The label was not mentioned following the release of the first Nas album on Def Jam, Hip Hop is Dead.

Nas recently collaborated with Tyga on his Careless World. Alongside Wale, Nas was featured on “Kings and Queens.” During his interview with MTV, Tyga said the title of the song inspired Nas to launch his own record label, Kings and Queens. Days after the story has made headlines on several media outlets, Nas’ manager has broken his silence on the situation. According to Nas’ management, the rumors are false, Nas has no plans of starting a new record label.

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