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Lloyd Banks prepares “V6” mixtape for March release

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The last time Lloyd Banks was in the headlines, he was fresh off the release of The Cold Corner 2. In the months since then, Banks’ label, G-Unit Records has been in a limbo. Since 2009, Lloyd Banks has been off Interscope Records, but still signed to G-Unit, along with 50 Cent, who is negotiating an artist and label deal with Interscope. In times like these, Lloyd Banks knows what to do… go in the studio and record.

Lloyd Banks was in Connecticut last night performing when he discussed his next project. A few months ago, Banks announced his V6 mixtape. During his performance at Tuxedo Junction, Banks discussed his upcoming project. The G-Unit rapper was reported to say he was 100% independent and supporting his music is the best way to support him. V6 will be the latest release of new music from Lloyd Banks.

With several months passing and nothing new coming from Lloyd Banks, he announced V6 will be released toward the end of this month.

Watch Lloyd Banks’ Danbury, CT performance below:

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