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Ice Cube speaks on upcoming “Friday” film

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

When he first kicked in the door and entered the scene, with NWA, Ice Cube was public enemy number one. His lyrics were vulgar and his persona was a parent’s nightmare. Adults in the late 1980s felt Ice Cube was a fad and would be irrelevant a few years later. These critics were surely mistaken, as Ice Cube continued to add layers to his talent, diversifying his lyrics and opening the door to Hollywood.

Over twenty years since he first entered the rap game, Ice Cube is better-known in the 2000s for his movies. Not only is Ice Cube a popular movie star, he is also the head of his own film company, providing countless hits. A favorite among Ice Cube fans is Friday and the series of films which follow it. While all the Friday films have been revered as cult classics, the first Friday film is usually the favorite.

Ice Cube was unable to lure Chris Tucker back for the second Friday, Next Friday, and Mike Epps was cast in the sidekick role of Cube’s Craig’s cousin ‘Day Day.’ The role of ‘Day Day’ turned Mike Epps into a star and has received acclaim in its own right. Since being accepted, many have been anticipating a day when Mike Epps and Chris Tucker could share scenes together. In December, Ice Cube said this would be happening, indeed, with Chris Tucker agreeing to come back as ‘Smokey’ for a fourth Friday.

The tentative title for the film is Last Friday, but Ice Cube’s tone had changed during his most-recent interview. When asked if there would be an appearance from ‘Smokey,’ Ice Cube said “I hope so.” Five years have passed since Chris Tucker starred in a film, which was the third in another popular series, Rush Hour. Ice Cube revealed he has already started writing the movie and has plans of casting in the near future. Currently, Ice Cube is focused on his upcoming comedy, 21 Jump Street, which he will be starring in when it premieres on March 21.

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