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Stalley reveals “Savage Journey to the American Dream” release date

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

There was no exaggeration when Rick Ross announced he was signing any artist he felt had talent. In a matter of days, Rick Ross turned Maybach Music into one of the hottest labels in years from a pet project. A major part of this transformation was the deal with Warner Bros. and his own popularity.

With a major label platform and the chance to work with some of the most-popular figures in hip hop, artists’ interest built. Not only did Rick Ross talk a good game, he also delivered. Wale, who had been virtually forgotten, enjoyed a nice run. Even mixtape rapper, Meek Mill, had success on a major scale.

Even after the release of the Self Made compilation album, Rick Ross revealed he still wanted to add more artists to the label. Stalley was one of the later additions to Maybach Music and he has hit the ground running. Upon signing with the label, Stalley announced his first MMG project, Savage Journey to the American Dream.

Over the past few months, Stalley has leaked several tracks from this project. Every song has been met with success, leading fans to wonder when the full mixtape would drop. Stalley is only going to make fans wait one more month, as he intends to release the project on March 30.

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