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Will Young Jeezy’s “Leave You Alone” be Another Hit?

By The Voice
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

When the hip hop world doubted Young Jeezy, he hit the game hard. Jokes were being made about Young Jeezy and the status of Thug Motivation 103. As the release date neared, there were many expecting news of the album being delayed, again. The album went through several release dates through 2010 and 2011.

Young Jeezy did not intend to make fans wait any longer and he delivered one of the best albums of the year right before Christmas. Considering himself a veteran, Jeezy decided to try new things on the album. One thing was stepping out of his comfort zone with Ne-Yo on the hook with a song for the ladies.

“Leave You Alone” was among the standout tracks on TM103. For the first time, fans heard Young Jeezy tell a love story from his perspective and Ne-Yo had a chance to completely be himself on a Young Jeezy album. Those who follow both artists realize how incredible that is. Two months after the release of the album, “Leave You Alone” has been released to radio and Young Jeezy, alongside Ne-Yo, have been making their rounds, performing the song on television.

With spring break right around the corner, followed by summer, “Leave You Alone” is certainly poised to become one of the first summer anthems. However, many songs are often poised to be summer anthems, yet they end up falling short. Will Young Jeezy continue to defy the odds and have his “Leave You Alone” become a summer smash?

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