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What is the world Coming To? Boy kills Mother over Gang Initiation [VIDEO]


What is the world Coming To? Boy kills Mother over Gang Initiation [VIDEO]

By The Voice
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Before rap, many of hip hop’s stars were involved in crime, one way or another. If they were not drug dealers, they were involved in gang activity, for many they were involved in both. Music was an escape for these people, as they wanted better for themselves than a life of crime in a poverish neighborhood. With music as an outlet to discuss life as they know it, many rappers discuss gang violence.

As is the case with most rappers, they are telling stories of how they lived in hopes of no one following in their footsteps. However, in recent years, gang affiliation has been commercialzied. With many of the most-popular rappers in the game claiming gangs, many children, specifically in the United States are also claiming gangs. The urban community has fought hard to stop this.

One major strike against hip hop is the negative influence it has had on the youth, many of which feel as though they have to dress and act a certain way, along with not attending school. A Detroit mother was concerned for her son, as he seemed to be going down this path. More often than not, there is nothing a mother would not do for her child. Usually, the bond between mother and son is the strongest. No matter how tough most men claim to be, they would bow down in the presence of their mother.

For this Detroit mother, matters were much different. Wanting better for her fourteen-year-old son than she had for herself, she refused to allow him to join a local gang. Instead of being appreciative for having a mother who loved him so much, this young boy did the unthinkable. The boy took the life of the person who gave him life. Now, the mother has literally given her life to her son, all for the sake of gang affiliation. The story is a tear-jerker and this article had to be written. Nothing is so important it is worth murdering one’s own mother, least of all a membership into a crime outfit.

Watch the entire video below:

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