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Jay Rock, the Forgotten “New West” artist

By The Voice
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In 2010, Jay Rock made a name for himself when he challenged the veteran, Ice Cube. At the time, Ice Cube was preparing to release his comeback album, I Am the West. Jay Rock took offense to the album title, because there were several rappers on the come-up, who represent the West Coast. After calling Ice Cube out, many hip hop media outlets began calling Jay Rock and the other new West Coast artists the “New West.”

Some argue Jay Rock attempted to bait Ice Cube in order to promote his own music, but he was virtually forgotten after early 2010. During the summer of 2011, Jay Rock again received media attention, but due to Top Dawg label-mate, Kendrick Lamar. In the eyes of many, Kendrick Lamar is the second coming for the West Coast. Tyler, the Creator and his Odd Future crew are among other “New West” artists receiving media attention.

Despite the publicity Jay Rock received with the release of his music in 2011 and him being the artist to coin the phrase “New West,” he finds himself being overlooked. While the hip hop media continues to overlook Jay Rock, they are giving plenty of attention, and rightfully so, to Tyga, Tyler, the Creator, and Kendrick Lamar. However, Jay Rock has continued to release new, entertaining music.

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