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Is Torch the next Maybach Music artist to blow?

By The Voice
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

It was three years ago when the world was introduced to Maybach Music. Rick Ross was months into his feud with 50 Cent and his name was all over hip hop headlines. Making himself into a household name, Rick Ross was ready to introduce the world to his crew. The Maybach Music label only consisted of Ross’ group, Triple Cs, at the time. Torch was the New York member of the crew, representing The Bronx.

In recent months, the New York hip hop scene has been re-emerging into the forefront of the hip hop scene. The artists behind this run are French Montana, Cory Gunz, and Fred the Godson, with all three rappers representing The Bronx. For months, Rick Ross recruited French Montana to join the Maybach Music roster, which would have made it two Bronx rappers signed to the label. The deal did not take place, but French Montana has still been working with Maybach Music.

The Bronx hip hop scene has produced a number of new hip hop stars. As the birthplace of hip hop, it was poetic justice for The Bronx to revive the overall New York hip hop scene. Rick Ross was determined to turn himself into one of the biggest rappers in the game, but that was only part of the plan. After establishing himself as a focal point, Rick Ross focused on putting together a strong team for his Maybach Music roster. Every artist signed to the label has a strong buzz going and Torch recently took matters into his own hands.

Maybach Music has experienced incredible success over the past year. Last year, the focus was on Wale, but Meek Mill was also able to gain shine. One reason Meek Mill was promoted was due to his mixtape success. Now, Torch has returned to the mixtape scene, with the release of UFO 2, and has more mixtapes planned. Currently, Torch has a strong buzz going, as he is catching the attention of more fans. With all eyes already on Maybach Music, will Torch be the next artist pushed by Rick Ross, first on the upcoming MMG mixtape, and then later on the Self Made, Vol. 2 album?

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