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An Introduction to David Cole, a Man of many Hats

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Many of the greatest inventions either came by accident or by desperation. David Cole’s popular urban website,, was a mixture of both. Cole has been working in the urban entertainment industry for years, serving as a manager and also the head of his own website. The site caused a bit of controversy, recently, but Cole knows how to handle it.

There is much more to David Cole than, as he is also a talented graphic designer. Instead of a regular picture of himself, David Cole suggested an animation, which he came up with himself, be used. Because of picture shows off the talent Cole has, it was agreed that it be used for the article.

David Cole initially hired someone for graphic design, but being on a tight schedule and the designer not showing a sense of urgency, led Cole to learn graphic design himself. His brother, Darious Cole, inspired his designs, with David saying his brother is much better than he is. While David does graphics for and for those who come to him, Darious does full-fledged comic strips.

A native of Louisiana, David Cole is always interested in the next venture and is willing to design a few logos for anyone who is interested. Those interested in having a design from David Cole can email him at [email protected].

See a sample of David Cole’s work below:

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